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Little Tokyo has been the best purveyors of Japanese cuisine to many locals and tourists for many years.The first Little Tokyo Restaurant opened by, the owner, Yusuke Kawahara in 1986 was located in Metairie. From there the local chain of Japanese restaurants has become a marquee of many past and present Japanese restaurants. With a large contingent of long time regular customers keeping the restaurant's quality high. The variety of fresh fish is unmatched because nobody else serves it locally


Little Tokyo Restaurant

This location located on 4704 Veterans blvd. in Metairie is one of Little Tokyo's newer restaurants. The a la carte is catered to young crowds, specializing in Ramen, Yakitori(Japanese Shish kabob), and Shabu Shabu(Japanese Fondu). 




Our other locations:

Little Tokyo Restaurant in Causeway
2300 N. Causeway Blvd. Metairie, LA  70001

Little Tokyo Sushi & Hibachi in Midcity
310 N. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans  70119

Little Tokyo Maple St.
7537 Maple St. LA 70118

Little Tokyo Small Plate & Noodle Bar in Uptown
1340 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans 70118